An ancient history describes the “Antica Locanda Mincio” and Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio, which is located between Mantua and Verona. The village, after various historic events, is taken over by the Knights Templar, which founds their own Preceptory here.

For over a century, the Knights Templar transformed the monastery into a hospice for all the pilgrims that passed trough the ford across the Mincio to their way to the three great centers of the Christian faith: Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela.

The crossing of Peschiera del Garda decayed in the Middle Age and the river could only be crossed through Borghetto, between Lake Garda and the lakes that surrounded Mantua. It was just in this strategic point that, in the 13th century, the Knights Templar built the first wooden bridge to control the ford, as well as a river port, the first mills, a permanent fishmonger and an inn.

The remains of the “Thaberna Templare”, mentioned by many historical documents that testify the transfers of the feud ownership, are most probably the foundations of the present day “Antica Locanda Mincio” restaurant.